Retouching for Photographers Workshop

The three retouching techniques that ALL photographers need that aren’t hard to learn AND produce AMAZING results.

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My free 60-minute class will dive deep into the three retouching secrets that will transform your work forever!

If you feel like you are struggling to create natural retouches, or you're spending too much time making your vision come to life, I’m here to help!

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You will learn…

How to effortlessly master high-end retouching.

How to save time and create flawless retouches.

How to discreetly remove distractions from your images.

How to manipulate layers in Photoshop.

How to elevate your retouching techniques!

The three retouching techniques that ALL photographers need.

PLUS, you’ll receive a free gift just for attending. And, I’ll be hosting a full Q&A session.

Skin Retouching Essentials

Photoshop Edition


Take the confusion and struggle out of retouching in Photoshop! With the brushes, actions, and step-by-step workflow guides included in this pack, you will have everything you need to start creating incredible portraits, in a fraction of the time.

"Let’s be honest, too many photographers make their clients look plastic and fake. I wanted to share my techniques and tips for creating representational portraits that still have drama and create an instant strong connection with the viewer."

Kristina Sherk

Gain the power to give your clients a natural glow, time and time again with these three retouching secrets!

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"Finally. After dozens of youtube tutorials where I just got more and more frustrated, I found someone who could explain this concept in a way I could understand."
- MS

“I never thought retouching could be quick and stress-free. I’ve advanced so much with Kristina, Thank you!”
- KL

 “I learned how to properly set up my tools and where to adjust my workflow, and I finally stopped outsourcing my retouching! I am obsessed with my results!”
- DT