Wedding Photography Retouching


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Master the best techniques as a wedding photographer and have standout photos.

The pressure for the wedding photographer is not just to capture every moment, but to make it magical, and make each image as near to perfection as possible. In this class, I share with you the tips and tricks I learned through thousands of hours of retouching wedding photos to make them look their absolute best.


From Idea to Execution!




A rapid overview of what you’ll be learning in this course and what the common issues are that wedding photographers face and you’ll learn to tackle.


Understanding the Basics

Right at the start we begin to tackle the issues you will face in all your wedding photos including blemishes, teeth whitening and bad lighting problems.


Fixing Uneven Light

Weddings often are plagued with uneven and inconsistent lighting for the photographer and in this lesson, I teach you how to salvage these photos.


Dealing with a Strapless Dress

In this lesson, I show you a quick tip on how to remove skin bulges so that you make sure your bride looks her absolute best in photos she will treasure forever.


Dealing with a Bright Dress

Blown out wedding dresses are a common problem and in this lesson I’m going to show you a technique I use to get great results every time to salvage this.


Correcting Camera Shake Motion Blur

In this lesson, I show you a great technique for salvaging photos where the shutter speed wasn’t fast enough to produce a perfectly sharp image.


Removing Distracting Elements, Easy Issues

Every wedding session will require the removal of elements that distract from the image. In this lesson, I teach you tips for removing the common easy ones.


Removing Distracting Elements, Difficult Issues

Here I show you some more advanced techniques for removing distracting elements which are more difficult to deal with.


Sunburn and Tan Lines

Here I teach you a technique for seamlessly fixing sunburns and filling tan lines to leave your bride with smooth, flawless skin to highlight her beauty.


Handling Blinks

With multiple people in an image, there will almost always be someone blinking and here I show you how to quickly fix this problem.



A quick recap and summary of the course and how you can use these tips and techniques to improve your wedding photography.


Wedding Photography Retouching


Wedding photographers face a unique set of retouching challenges. In this course I’ll help you master the best techniques to overcome these and have standout photos.

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