Shark Pixel Autumn Bundle


Create lush autumn portraits with this huge bundle of over 530 elements, overlays, presets, and actions.


Autumn Actions

23 High-Quality Actions


23 autumn actions that will revolutionize your workflow. These actions automate all of the tedious steps with AI technology and easily manipulate your subject and objects. Transport any day into a beautiful autumn day, creating spectacular results in a fraction of the time.

Autumn Gradient Presets

19 High-Quality Presets


19 high-quality autumn gradient presets to effortlessly create the essence of autumn in all of your portraits, landscapes, and composites. These presets allow you the flexibility to change the color and contrast of your entire image or single out specific colors.

Autumn Bokeh Lights Brushes

12 High-Quality Brushes


12 high-quality autumn bokeh brushes to quickly incorporate intriguing lighting to your autumn portraits and composites. These brushes allow you to add unique foreground and background elements to any image.

Autumn Falling Leaves

32 High-Quality Overlays


32 high-quality autumn falling leaves overlays, completely customizable. Easily manipulate the leaves by adding or erasing a rogue leaf. These drag-and-drop leaf overlays immediately add vibrance and movement to any autumn image.

Autumn Hues

51 High-Quality Overlays


51 high-quality autumn hue overlays to give your images a beautiful autumn glow. Strengthen your image’s depth and atmosphere by adding a slight vignette and foreground elements with a few clicks.

Autumn Bokeh Lights

23 High-Quality Overlays


23 high-quality autumn bokeh overlays instantly add out-of-focus lights and lighting effects to all of your autumn portraits and composite. These bokeh lights will bring a soft, golden sparkle to your image and enhance your subject.

Autumn Glitter

69 High-Quality Overlays


69 high-quality autumn glitter overlays designed for endless creative possibilities. These fun glitter bokeh will enhance your images by complexifying the lighting creating the perfect autumn mood.

Autumn Single Leaf

60 High-Quality Foreground Elements


60 high-quality autumn single leaf elements, in various shapes and angles, designed to add the perfect amount of autumn foliage to your image. Easily add autumn leaves and control their blur strength to create a realistic depth of field.

Autumn Foreground Blur

31 High-Quality Foreground Elements


31 high-quality autumn foreground blur elements to guide your viewer’s focus and enhance your subject. These tools add texture and create enticing atmospheres in a few clicks.

Autumn Sun Flare

6 High-Quality Foreground Elements


6 high-quality autumn sun flare elements that create a gorgeous golden glow. These sun flares will instantly complexify your sky and give your dull images a burst of color and texture.

Create vibrant autumn portraits and composites in seconds!

More dimension

Create vibrant autumn portraits and composites in seconds with over 530 high-resolution elements! This bundle includes five packs; foreground elements, overlays, presets, brushes, and actions that will take your creativity to the next level.

"Using actions, automation and overlays are some of the simplest and easiest ways to wildly improve your photography. This bundle is everything you’ll need to elevate your images and add drama and give them fabulous fall foliage."

Kristina Sherk




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Imagine you could…

  • Instantly transform your gloomy images into breathtaking golden autumn masterpieces.
  • Add character to your images by simply dragging and dropping in a few layers.
  • Create depth, atmosphere, and give your images unique autumn foliage in seconds.

“I had no idea how easy these items would be to use. They’re simple, to-the-point, and they have greatly improved my images.”

“I’m definitely a Photoshop beginner and I could easily place these overlays into my photos. They immediately made my images look and feel as if they were taken at a fall festival.”

“I love how easy these are to use. And wow, do they transform my work. I’m really glad I got this pack. With the time it saves me alone, this thing is worth every penny.”

Frequently Asked Questions

All files are provided in high-resolution JPG format (3000px minimum, majority of files are 5000px).

Compatible with ALL versions of Adobe Photoshop (5.5 and above).

You can access online through your browser across all your devices. Just, login on the site from your computer, phone, or tablet.

We think you will love this Autumn Bundle. However, you have our 100% money-back return policy guarantee within the first 30 days after purchase. If you are unsatisfied with the Autumn Bundle, for any reason, email us and we will give you a full refund. No Questions Asked.

With purchase includes free technical support. Email us and our knowledgeable team members will help you as best they can.

Yes, you can purchase it as a gift. First, purchase under your email address using a credit card or PayPal. Lastly, Email customer service to transfer your purchase to the gift recipient's email.


Shark Pixel Autumn Bundle


Create lush autumn portraits with this huge bundle of over 530 elements, overlays, presets, and actions.