Portrait Retouching


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Learn how to accomplish 90% of portrait retouching in Lightroom.

Sadly, the majority of photographers never actually discover the true power behind how revolutionary Lightroom is. In this course, we’ll explore the plethora of ways this tool is applicable to retouching portraits in Lightroom; from adding lashes, to retouching skin and even applying eight different eye-enhancing brushes to create astounding eyes without ever leaving Lightroom, this class has it all.


From Idea to Execution!




An introduction and discussion of why I love Lightroom and what I’m going to be teaching you in this class.


Learning the Local Adjustment Brush

In this lesson I give you a rapid introduction to this incredible tool and show you just a few things of what it can do.


What are Lightroom Pinpoints and How to Use Them

Here I’ll show you in greater detail what pinpoints are and how you use them to affect specific areas in your image.


Creating Brushes to Save Time in Lightroom

In this lesson, I explain my rule of five and how to reduce tedious and time-consuming tasks by creating and using custom brushes.


How to Retouch Eyes in Lightroom

In this lesson, I am going to show you eight different powerful adjustments you can make in Lightroom to make your subject’s eyes pop and look awesome.


Using Frequency Separation Concepts in Lightroom

Many of us use Frequency Separation in Photoshop to retouch skin and in this lesson, I’ll show you a similar approach in Lightroom to achieve great results.


Using Dodge and Burn in Lightroom

Lightroom makes Dodge and Burn really easy and in this lesson, I teach you my techniques for doing this to get consistent results easily.



A quick conclusion to the course and why you really need to pay more attention to Lightroom.


Portrait Retouching


With each release Lightroom becomes a more powerful tool for photographers and in this class I teach you how you can accomplish 90% of portrait retouching inside Lightroom.

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