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Improve your masking skills with this course.

I created this course to demystify masking once and for all and put you firmly in control of this incredibly adaptable tool. I cover why the concept of masking is so important and how having the ability to make selections and independently modify some areas of your image while simultaneously protecting others from being changed is one of the powerhouse skills that Photoshop boasts.


From Idea to Execution!




In this introduction I’ll discuss with you why masking is such an important part of the Photoshop process.


Beginning to Use Masks

In this lesson I teach you how masks work and what the underlying principles of masks are and why you use them instead of destructively erasing parts of the image you want to hide.


Using Photoshop's Selection Methods

In this lesson I show you my top techniques for selecting parts of the image inside Photoshop so I can easily add them to my masked layers.


How to Modify Masks Effectively

Masks essentially are just telling Photoshop which parts of an image are visible and which are not. In this lesson, I show you how to make changes to masks.


Using the Selection and Mask Dialog Box

In this lesson I dive deep into Photoshops Selection and Mask dialog box to show you how to make the most of those tools for a faster workflow.



Some final thoughts about the importance of masking and how it affects your photography and retouching.


Masking Fundamentals


Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate Photoshop user, you’ve probably struggled with masking at some point and this course is going to clear it up once and for all.

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