Male Portrait Retouching


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Create better, more realistic male portraits.

There are many unique techniques that go into retouching men because you simply cannot retouch them in the same way that you would a female portrait. In this class, I am going to teach you all the integral skills you must know when it comes to retouching men. From realistically smoothing skin to chiseling jawlines, and so much more.


From Idea to Execution!




An overview of all the concepts we go through in this course and the key differences between male and female retouching.


Initial Adjustments in Lightroom

In this lesson I show you my starting workflow of male portrait retouching which begins with all my initial toning and adjustments in Lightroom.


Touching Up Male Skin

We are going to take the image into Photoshop and I show you how I deal with blemishes on male skin, clean up eyebrows and toning down stubble.


Retouching Male Skin with Frequency Separation

One of my primary retouching weapons of choice is frequency separation and in this lesson I’ll show you how to use it on male skin.


Retouching the Model s Clothing

I teach you to train your eyes to see the most important part of the image visually and then how to eliminate distractions to focus the viewer on the model’s face.


Retouching Eyes for Maximum Impact

The eyes are arguably the most important part of the image and where a viewer truly connects with the person and here I’ll show you how to make them command the shot. 



Some closing words on retouching male portraits and why less is more.


Male Portrait Retouching


In this class I am going to teach you the techniques which go into professionally retouching male portraits for maximum impact and appeal.

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