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Master the advanced Photoshop frequency separation technique to elevate your photos.

Frequency separation is the most important Photoshop technique to learn as it is instrumental in understanding color, texture and how the two interact in your photographs. I’m going to shed light on the concept behind frequency separation, why we use it, how we use it, and its infinite applications from smoothing skin realistically to effortlessly removing clothing wrinkles on garments.


From Idea to Execution!




An introductory discussion on this concept and how I am going to help you get through it and understand the simplicity of frequency separation.


Understanding the Adaptability of Frequency Separation

In this lesson I help you understand the roots of the concept and what you are accomplishing on a broad level so you know how you can use it on any image.


Setting Up Your Layers Properly

I do give you a free Photoshop Action which helps to prepare your image for frequency separation but in this lesson I teach you every step you have to take to set up the layers correctly.


Smoothing Out Colors of Skin

In this lesson I walk you through three methods to create beautifully colored skin and teach you how to effortlessly remove dark shadows under the eyes.


Cleaning up Skin Texture

You’ve already gotten the colors perfect, now I am going to teach you how to get the texture of the skin perfect as well.


Restoring Highlights and Shadows for Dimensionality

As you work with frequency separation you can accidentally lose some of the dimensionality so I wanted to show you how I use Dodge and Burn to fix this. 


Automated Frequency Separation Methods

In this lesson I teach you how to automate the process for smaller images or photos which will never be needed as very high resolution with one click of a button.


Using Frequency Separation on Hair

As I said, this technique can be used in so many ways and in this lesson I show you how you can use it to create dramatic, impactful hair.


Using Frequency Separation to Solve Wrinkles

In this lesson I show you how to painlessly remove clothing wrinkles with the frequency separation technique.



Some final words on how this concept should follow you along and become a pervasive part of your retouching toolset.


Frequency Separation


Learn a fast and simple way to master the advanced Photoshop frequency separation technique and completely revolutionize your retouching to create beautiful images.

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