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Use Photoshop Actions to eliminate repetitive work and reduce your retouching time.

Most people don’t realize how much automation is actually possible with Photoshop Actions to save you time and eliminate inefficient repetitive work. In this class, I will teach you how to supercharge your productivity by incorporating Actions into your workflow.


From Idea to Execution!




A rapid introduction to what Photoshop Actions are and how you can use them to multiply the speed of your workflow exponentially, not just as one-trick ponies.


What Are Actions?

You need to re-think your approach to actions so that you can maximize their effectiveness and work smarter, not harder.


Setting up Your Workspace

In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to prepare Photoshop for ideal action creation.


Best Practices

Mastering actions involves learning the “language” of them and the best practices to embrace that will help you unlock their universal usefulness.


Playback Options

Part of my “work smarter, not harder” mantra is how to sequence actions, set them up in button mode, assign them to quick-keys and determine playback.


Recording an Action

I’ll show you the exact steps to create the right environment for recording actions and how to design your actions to save you the most amount of time.


Editing an Action

Part of perfecting your actions and streamline them for maximum efficiency you have to know how to edit them which I show you how to do in this lesson.


Compound Actions

In this lesson, I will show you the power of creating master actions that combine multiple actions to get impressive results quickly.


Customizable Actions

I teach you to create customizable actions which you can influence so that they are far more adaptable no matter which photo they are applied to.


Portrait in a Pinch

I share with you one of my custom actions and show you how to use it to save massive amounts of time in your portrait retouching to increase profitability.


Batch Automation

Photoshop Actions can be applied to multiple images all at once to increase workflow efficiency and in this lesson I’ll show you exactly how to do that.



We wrap up this course with some final things to think about as part of working smarter, not harder.


Eliminate Repetitive Work in Photoshop


In this course I teach you one of the most powerful features of Photoshop to eliminate repetitive work and drastically reduce your retouching time with Photoshop Actions.

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