Dodge & Burn in Photoshop


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Master the revolutionary concept of dodging and burning skin.

Learn how to pick the right dodge and burn colors for your image, as well as how to accentuate features using the same concept. Not only will I walk you through how to dodge and burn, but more importantly why we dodge and burn. I’ll also show you some key visual aids that will help you pinpoint areas of inconsistent skin color and tone to help train your eyes to spot skin problems.


From Idea to Execution!




Welcome! Let’s talk through what I’ll be teaching you in this course.


What is Dodge and Burn?

In this lesson, I discuss with you the underlying philosophy of this technique, how make-up artists use these same principles, and photographers as well.


Why Dodge and Burn?

Here we discuss how to handle light in-camera to make your clients look their best and why light affects dimensionality in your images.


My First Experience with Dodge and Burn

I’ll discuss with you the pitfalls of starting to use dodge and burn and how to avoid frustration when using Photoshop with one simple mantra.


Picking the Right Dodge and Burn Colors

The importance of choosing the right colors for your dodge and burn and how to pick the right color to make a more blended, natural-looking retouch.


Skin Practical

Now we begin a step-by-step walkthrough of using dodge and burn techniques to do a headshot retouch and how I organize the file for best efficiency.


Dodge and Burn Features

We continue step by step through a retouch as I show you how I organize my layers to separate skin from facial features and how I retouch them.


Visual Aids

A couple tricks and visual aids you can use to help get a better result in your dodging and burning retouches.



Some closing words on dodge and burn and how the underlying concepts apply to photoshop, photography and even make-up to help your clients look great.


Dodge & Burn in Photoshop


Learn one of the most powerful techniques to create perfect skin in Photoshop as I demystify dodge and burn and show you how and why it creates such fantastic results.

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