Advanced Hair Retouching


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Learn advanced hair retouching skills for your portraits.

Retouching hair can mystify and frustrate even the most advanced photoshop user but in this course, I will help ‘detangle’ your hair retouching with my advanced techniques and Photoshop secrets for retouching hair. I’ll also show you the best hair selection methods and how to create custom hair brushes that will literally cut your hair retouching time to a fraction of what it used to be.


From Idea to Execution!




A rapid overview of what you’ll be learning in this course and how we will tackle it with you following along each step to create a stunning portrait.


Retouching Flyaways Part 1

In this lesson, I show you a technique I use to remove a bunch of flyaway hairs quickly and easily.


Retouching Flyaways Part 2

In this lesson, I will show you how to customize the Spot Removal Tool to rapidly eliminate many frustrating crosshairs that can distract from a flawless portrait.


Adding New Hair

Here I show you my techniques for adding more hair to help fill out a model’s overall volume and add impact and then shortcuts I use to make it quick.


Using Liquify Tool to Shape Hair

The Photoshop Liquify tool is one of my favorite tools for retouching hair and I go in-depth on how I use this and why I use it to help you master this awesome tool.


Retouching Hair with Frequency Separation

I think Frequency Separation is one of my secrets into how I get such awesome results that clients love and here I’ll show you exactly how to do this.


Adding Dimension and Shine

In this lesson we dive deep into the techniques I introduced you to in my fundamentals class so you can add dimension and shine rapidly.



A quick recap and summary of the course and what I hope you walk away with.


Advanced Hair Retouching


Retouching hair is one of the most complex skills any retoucher must have. Once you’ve learned the fundamentals this class takes you to the next level.

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