Ultimate Guide to Hair Retouching


Learn to quickly make your subject’s hair look its absolute best in portraits.

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This course is for you if…

You’re new to jewelry photography and don’t know how to get started.

You thought you needed a lot of professional equipment to get great results.

You have attempted jewelry photography before with limited success.

Capture incredible shots without spending thousands of dollars on gear.

Successfully tackle jewelry photography with a minimal budget and basic gear.

I’ll teach you effective lighting setups for shooting rings, pendant, and earrings, and explore cost-effective DIY solutions to save your budget. Learn a simple, yet effective lighting setup for shooting jewelry on a completely white background, perfect for e-commerce. The course wraps up with detailed post-production lessons to ensure your final images look amazing.


"Jewelry photography is a challenging part of product photography. In this course, I teach you the essential techniques for capturing consistent, high-quality images so you can approach this lucrative field with confidence."

Alex Koloskov


5h 16m






The first lesson features a three-hour-long webinar in which I teach effective lighting setups for shooting rings, pendants, and earrings. Learn cost-effective DIY solutions and how using inexpensi...


How to Shoot Jewelry on White Background

In this lesson, I’ll teach you an elegant and simple lighting setup for shooting jewelry on a completely white background. Learn how to get consistently beautiful images of your jewelry piece...


Retouching, Part 1

In this post-production lesson, retoucher Luciana Rilpol works on the diamond ring on a white background. She starts out in Camera Raw before bringing it into Adobe Photoshop to perform all of the ...


Retouching, Part 2

In this post-production lesson, Luciana demonstrates the first part of the retouch for the blue gemstone earrings with diamonds.


Retouching, Part 3

Luciana completes the retouch of the blue gemstone earrings by duplicating the diamond setting of one earring for use with the second earring. She then extracts the pair to place them on a separate...

Hear What Photographers Have to Say…

“Packed full of useful information, tricks, and techniques that have already taken my jewelry photography to the next level. Thanks, Alex!”
- E.K.

“I’ve been really struggling to get this right. Everything you share in this course has helped me so much. My photos look professional now!”
- P.W.

“I’ve been doing it all wrong!! I wasn’t happy with any of my product shots and this course unlocked the whole thing for me. Amazing!!”
- J.M.

Introduction to Jewelry Photography


Learn how to capture incredible jewelry photography without spending thousands of dollars on expensive gear.

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