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Hair, makeup, and studio-quality effects in just a few clicks.

Ultimate Photoshop
Beauty Brushes


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Transform Your Portraits with the Ultimate Photoshop Beauty Brushes

Effortlessly create professional retouches and impress your subjects with INCREDIBLE results. Reduce or eliminate tedious and time-consuming work, by getting eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, eyeliner lines, eyeshadows, hair and catchlights perfect every time.

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Trusted by professional photographers worldwide.

"All it takes is seeing a few photos with subjects without catchlights in their eyes and then seeing eyes with them. You’ll never go back to having flat eyes again and Kristina’s custom brushes make sparkling eyes one click away."
- Theresa A.

"I love a light and fun set and experimenting with clients during the retouch stage. These eyebrow brushes and the eyeshadow brushes are a one-two punch for amazing looks within seconds."
- Trishana S.

"I had to leave a quick review because these brushes just saved a shoot and thus a client. Thank you so much for sharing these amazingly useful brushes."
- Daniel A.

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Create breathtaking portraits with 142 Photoshop brushes designed to perfect eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, makeup, beauty, and skin in minutes!

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$79 included

Eyes are considered by many to be the “windows to the soul” and this set of 23 custom catchlight brushes will help add sparkle and shine to your subject’s eyes. 


$79 included

Give your portrait subjects picture perfect eyebrows in seconds with 32 brushes to choose from.


$79 included

When retouching portraits these 52 custom eyelash brushes can help you add striking impact to any subject by creating fuller, more compelling eye-lashes.


$79 included

Accentuate and shape your client’s eyes for stronger, more impactful portraits with these 16 custom Photoshop Eyeliner Brushes.


$79 included

Dazzle clients and add fun creativity by experimenting with 32 colors and styles of eye shadows without having to hire an expensive make-up artist!

Hair Brush

$79 included

Give your clients gorgeous, full hair easily with these 19 custom Photoshop brushes for hair.

Iris Brush

$79 included

Bring out the full beauty of your subject’s eyes and all of their colors and brilliance using these 35 meticulously crafted custom iris enhancement brushes.

Hair, makeup, and studio-quality effects in just a few clicks.

This bundle is for you if…

Your portraits are lacking wow no matter how good your shooting is.

You don’t have the time for pro retouching on each portrait but want pro results.

You struggle retouching subjects who have inconsistent makeup.

Imagine you could…

  • Give your clients multiple look choices to experiment with easily.
  • Add creative and fun tools to your photographic arsenal.
  • Have a set of professional tools that drastically reduce retouch time but boost results.

"I have spent hours creating and perfecting beauty brushes which help me create stunning portraits in a fraction of the time. I am sharing these to help photographers all over the world improve their portraits and their bottom line with these powerful tools."

- Kristina Sherk


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Ultimate Photoshop
Beauty Brushes

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Hair, makeup, and studio-quality effects in just a few clicks. Easily transform portraits with catchlights, eyebrow enhancements, eyelash improvements, and more.

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Compatible with ALL versions of Adobe Photoshop (5.5 and above). Brushes are high-resolution (3000px minimum, majority of brushes are 5000px).