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Beauty Brushes


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These 105 Lightroom Beauty Brushes are going to help you get amazing results in a fraction of the time!

For the first time ever I’m making the custom Lightroom brushes I use to retouch professionally inside of Lightroom available to everyone! Smooth out skin, whiten teeth, make eyes really pop, and even add fantastic looking makeup with the click of a button and then dial it in to make it perfect!

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What's Included?

105 simple and easy to use Local Adjustment Brushes to enhance your portraits inside of Lightroom.

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$79 included

Whether you want to change the color of your subject’s eyes, improve what’s there already, or clean up the eye whites, this pack makes perfect eye retouching easy!


$29 included

With multiple tones and colors included, this brush pack will give you a new an easy way to improve or add makeup to your subject in a few seconds.


$29 included

No make-up artist? No problem! Add eyeshadow in any color is as easy as selecting a brush and painting in what you want!


$29 included

The 27 brushes in the pack are designed to help you quickly and easily add or improving your subjects lips by painting in realistic lipstick colors.


$19 included

Filling out eyebrows or adding shape can be a pain in Lightroom! So I created this pack of brushes to take the hard work out of this tedious task.


$19 included

Improving your subject’s eyelashes is a powerful way to add drama to their eyes. My Eyelash Brushes are going to make that so much easier for you!


$19 included

Delivered to you in three realistic shades, these custom Eyeliner Brushes give you a powerful way to add impact to the eyes of your models.


$19 included

Soften skin tone, improve color, remove imperfections, and much more in seconds using my favorite Lightroom Brushes designed for skin retouching.


$19 included

This pack of Lightroom Brushes will give you an instant tool to use for whitening teeth, removing color aberration, and making your subject’s smile pop!

Give your lightroom retouching workflow a rocket boost!

This bundle is for you if…

The makeup in your portraits isn’t showing up in your photographs.

Your beauty retouching takes way too long and you need to speed up the process.

It’s just taking too long to get good results in Photoshop.

Imagine you could…

  • Get realistic, perfect portraits with the click of a button.
  • Achieve stunning portraits that wow the viewer by only clicking a button.
  • Enhance your portraits in the blink of an eye by using Lightroom custom brushes.

"Every time you take a portrait into Photoshop to fix something, you lose at least 15 minutes. Those days are over thanks to this set of amazing Lightroom portrait retouching custom bushes. They are guaranteed to save you time and money!"

- Kristina Sherk

Hear what photographers have to say…

“With these brushes, I’m able to save time on my portrait retouching while still achieving a stunning result, and in half the time it used to take me! So pumped I don’t have to go into Photoshop anymore!”

- Larry E.

“I had no idea Lightroom brushes could save me so much time. After using these local adjustment brushes, I realize how many hours I previously threw away by going over to photoshop! So thrilled I got these.”

- Lassa C.

“I have a zillion brushes that I rarely use, but these? On every portrait.”

- Breanna H.


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Beauty Brushes


Simple easy to use Local Adjustment Brushes to enhance your portraits inside of Lightroom and get stunning results without Photoshop!

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Compatible with ALL versions of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. (Lightroom Brushes are not supported on Lightroom CC yet.)