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Signature BeautyRetouching Actions


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32 Powerful Photoshop Actions to help automate your retouch workflow.

One thing I used to think is that there were no shortcuts to a masterful portrait. But over the course of thousands of retouching sessions, I discovered some very powerful automated Photoshop actions that could help achieve stunning retouches in a fraction of the time. You might not believe it until you see it.

For the first time ever I am making available for everyone the Photoshop actions for beauty and skin retouching that I use day in and day out.


What's included?

Automate tedious and time consuming retouching tasks to achieve stunning results instantly.

Beauty Retouch Actions

15 Photoshop Actions

$147 included

Power-charge your Photoshop productivity by using the Beauty Retouch actions in your portrait workflow to save hours of time and achieve a more perfect portrait in seconds.

Skin Retouching Actions

17 Photoshop Actions

$147 included

Create more perfect-looking skin in a fraction of the time by using my custom Photoshop Skin Retouching actions to automate a huge part of your retouching workflow.

The Photoshop Actions I use to power my workflow for a more perfect retouch instantly.

This bundle is for you if…

You struggle getting your portraits to look like the images in magazines.

Your beauty retouching takes way too long and you need to speed up the process.

You can’t get the skin in your portraits to look flawless and realistic.

Imagine you could…

  • Enhance your portraits in the blink of an eye by using power actions.
  • Achieve stunning portraits with glowing skin by only clicking a button.
  • Have a set of professional tools that drastically reduce retouch time but boost results.

Hear what users have to say…

“With these actions, I’m able to save time on my portrait retouching while still achieving a stunning result, and in half the time it used to take me!”
· Lauren V.

“I love how these actions ask for information from me as I use them. These actions are SMART and they save me time every time I use them.”
· Mark S.

“These things are life-savers. It’s so nice to be able to click one button and end up with really beautiful skin on my portraits. Worth every penny!”
· Olivia T.

"Skin retouching takes time… a lot of time. And after spending over 15 years retouching skin, I know what it takes to make skin look perfect and realistic simultaneously. These actions allow you to achieve stunning, glowing skin with the click of a button. "

Kristina Sherk


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Signature Beauty Retouching Actions


Get the Photoshop Actions I use to power my workflow for a more perfect retouch almost instantly.

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