Is there one Photoshop tool, skill, or preset which creates masterpiece portraits?

I wish! But there are fool-proof tricks and tips that work every time!

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100 Lessons and 23 hours of in-depth video tutorials that unlock the techniques required to become a master retoucher!

In this bundle, I am giving you all my top techniques and secrets for creating those masterful portraits that make your subjects say “wow.” Stop struggling with your retouch and start wowing clients everywhere with this bundle.

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Portrait RetouchingMastery Bundle



What's Included?

100 Lessons and 23 hours of in-depth video tutorials that unlock the techniques required to become a master retoucher!

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Photoshop Masterclass Series

Learn the secrets of retouching to create stunning portraits in a fraction of the time.

This bundle is for you if…

You have struggled with retouching in the past and can’t grasp it.

Your portraits are lacking wow no matter how good your shooting is.

You spend way too much time on the retouch and not enough time shooting.

Imagine you could…

  • Create flawless skin that looks completely natural.
  • Deliver truly gorgeous beauty portraits to your clients.
  • Be able to make any face look its absolute best in a photo.

Hear What Photographers Have to Say…

"Kristina definitely has a specific look which I love. I’ve done a lot of her courses but I really appreciate how focused this one was for applying her methods to achieving specific results in headshots. Thank you for sharing."
- Jeana X.

"Kristina’s courses are always a way for me to exercise my Photoshop and Photo skills and I always come away from them refreshed and having learned something. It’s a bit like my ‘yoga’ moment for the day. Always wonderful."
- Hanna M.

"I learned more in these few hours with Kristina than I have in weeks of fruitless youtube searching that never gave me the consistent and focused knowledge and instruction that Kristina gives."
- Anita P.

"Let’s be honest, too many photographers make their clients look plastic and fake. I wanted to share my techniques and tips for creating representational portraits that still have drama and create an instant strong connection with the viewer."

Kristina Sherk


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Portrait Retouching Mastery Bundle


Learn the secret techniques and professional skills that Master retouchers use to create stunning portraits.

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