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Lightroom Mastery


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Do you know the 5 techniques that will make Photoshop redundant?

Lightroom retouching is easy and the results will be amazing once you master these.

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Unlock Lightroom as a powerful retouching and photography workflow tool in these 32 lessons.

With every update, Lightroom becomes a far more powerful photographic workflow tool that can accelerate your retouching and finishing turnaround drastically.

In this bundle I have put together the courses that will have you up and running with Lightroom immediately doing professional level retouches, adding creative and fun effects easily to your photos, and just as importantly, protecting your photographic library with a bulletproof backup and organizational workflow.


What's included?

Open your eyes to the possibilities of Lightroom as a professional retouching program.

Retouching Portraits in Lightroom


$87 included

In this course I’m going to give you a rapid introduction to Lightroom and some its most powerful features for creating a fast and efficient portrait retouching workflow.

Advanced Portrait Retouching


$87 included

With each release Lightroom becomes a more powerful tool for photographers and in this class I teach you how can accomplish 90% of portrait retouching inside Lightroom.

Lightroom Workflow

9 LESSONS | 1H 51M

$97 included

Organization and back up is one of the most crucial actions you must do and in this course I’ll teach you the best practices to keep your photos safe and easily accessible.

Amazing Lighting Effects


$87 included

Lighting effects are a cool way to add some visual punch and interest to your image and in this course you’ll learn how to add these easily right inside of Lightroom.

Discover the power of Lightroom as a core component in any photography workflow.

This bundle is for you if…

You can’t get good retouching results with Lightroom.

Your portraits are missing the wow factor to make them stand out.

Your retouching workflow is slow.

Imagine you could…

  • Make more dramatic portraits quickly.
  • Speed up your portrait retouching 10x with Lightroom.
  • Have a bulletproof backup system that ensured you never lost a photo.

Hear what users have to say…

These courses were such a relief. I thought I was going to have to spend weeks getting familiar with Lightroom and instead it took me less than a morning thanks to Kristina’s course.
- Jessica B.

I’m new to all of this and was happy to find a collection of courses as easy as this to get me familiar enough with Lightroom that I could start getting good images right away. Can’t wait for what’s next!
- Beatrice D.

I’ve got a new way to retouch photos in Lightroom I never thought possible. Before I just organized images and balanced tones but now I see there is so much more. Great classes.
- Diedre C.

"Every time there’s an update to Lightroom, photographers find fewer reasons to switch over to Photoshop for their retouching. There are also many photographers unfamiliar with the program that needed a quickstart to get rolling. In this bundle I cover everything you need to start getting professional results immediately."

Kristina Sherk


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Lightroom Mastery


Discover the power of Lightroom as a professional retouching tool and a core component in any photography workflow.

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