Hair RetouchingGuide


An in-depth but easy-to-follow guide on how to make hair look its absolute best in your portraits.

In these easy-to-follow guides I introduce you to the fundamentals of how to get the perfect hair retouch as well as some of my advanced techniques in Photoshop to get a truly professional result. Whether Photography is a hobby or a career, these techniques will definitely help your portrait photos stand out from the crowd.


Make hair look its absolute best!

These free guides are for you if…

It is taking you tons of time to retouch hair.

You don’t have a hair assistant on set but want amazing hair in your portraits.

Your hair retouch looks obvious or manipulated.

Imagine you could…

  • Quickly and easily remove distracting flyaways.
  • Add volume, dimension and shine in a fraction of the time.
  • Cut and reposition and even recolor hair to make your model look amazing.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Hair has been so painful for me, endlessly painting out flyaways and never being happy with the end result. Kristina has just saved me hundreds of hours and endless frustration. Thank you!”

- T.K.

“I’I definitely consider myself an advanced Photoshop user and I was certain that this course wasn’t going to teach me anything. I was completely wrong. Kristina’s application of frequency separation to hair retouching is a game changer!”

- V.T.

“Kristina, you are a career saver. My clients are sooooo much happier with their photos after I implemented these techniques into my business. Hugs from Spain!”

- L.V.

"Hair retouching is one of the most painful things retouchers are called on to tackle. I know you will absolutely love the techniques I share with you in this course and it will change your entire approach to hair retouching"

Kristina Sherk

Hair Retouching Guide


Learn to quickly make your subject’s hair look its absolute best in portraits.