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This complete pack is for you if…

You have struggled with retouching in the past and can’t grasp it.

Your portraits are lacking wow no matter how good your shooting is.

You spend way too much time on the retouch and not enough time shooting.

Learn the secrets of retouching to create stunning portraits in a fraction of the time.

More than 41 hours of in-depth video tutorials that will transform your retouching workflow!

Prepare to elevate your photography to an entirely new level with the post-processing workflows, retouching techniques, and killer tools that will have your clients, friends, and family all saying “wow.”

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Imagine you could…

  • Know how to use Photoshop like a pro.
  • Create portraits that your clients love and brag about.
  • Have a set of professional tools that drastically reduce retouch time but boost results.

Hear What Photographers Have to Say…

"I learned more in these three hours with Kristina than I have in weeks of fruitless youtube searching that never gave me the consistent and focused knowledge and instruction that Kristina gives."
- Anita P.

"I love project courses and always set Kristina up on an iPad near my main monitor so I can follow along while I use the files she provides to train myself in these techniques through practice."
- Preston W.

"If you do any sort of retouching work on beauty, you owe it to yourself to get Kristina’s custom brushes. Why would you want to waste time doing tedious manual paint-outs and and paint-ins when you could be spending it taking more photos and getting more clients?"
- Sheridan J.

"This Complete Pack will open your eyes and teach you the most powerful retouching techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom and transform the way you work so that you are creating one masterpiece after another in a fraction of the time. "

Kristina Sherk

Photoshop Masterclass Series

Lightroom Masterclass Series

Signature Photoshop Tools

Bonus Content!

Kristina Sherk Facebook Academy

Bonus #1


Community is a massive part of the photographic journey and here you can be part of a group of other students focused on the same skills as you all learning and working to advance together.

You’ll be able to share you work, share inspiration images, and get your questions answered quickly.

You’ll be able to share your progress, get your questions answered, but most importantly be a part of a community!

Monthly Q&A with Kristina

Bonus #2

$199 included

I know how crucial one on one feedback can be during the learning process so each month I’m hosting an online Q & A session to help all my students progress.

This can be questions about the courses, the software, photography in general or whatever challenges you may be facing in your career; I’m here to help.


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Kristina Sherk Complete Pack


More than 41 hours of in-depth video tutorials that will transform your retouching workflow!

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