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Globe Trotter Presets: Pack 1 and 2 (20 Presets)

Get ready for your landscape photography to truly shine! Sharkpixel's new preset pack is specifically designed for those spectacular images you capture in camera that just don't quite do the actual scene justice. We've all been there; and we feel so lucky to be able to capture this amazing view, but when you pull the images off the memory card, they look flat and dull! Say goodbye to those days, because these presets are a game changer! Kristina uses graduated filters in order to manipulate different areas of the picture; like the sky, the mountains and the sea. Thus bringing out each element's true beauty independently! With Sharkpixel's landscape presets, you'll always be able to remember that beautiful sunset which looks just as vivid as the moment you clicked the shutter!

Image Credit: ©2014 A. Ellison Gregg | www.aegivphoto.com

Watch this preset installation video to help you install the presets in the correct location on your Mac.

NOTE: These presets are made for full frame images. They incorporate graduated filters and may not look the same if applied to a cropped image. Work-around: Crop the image, export, re-import the cropped version back into Lightroom, apply the preset.